What & Why?

I am a professionally trained landscape designer, classically trained in sculpture with an affinity towards land art, and have a love of all things nature-made. I carefully work with my clients to create outdoor spaces they will love to be in while advising best practices for enhancing wildlife habitat. I focus on Pacific Northwest native plants and sustainable garden design. Services in the Portland metro area include full landscape designs, planting plans, consultations, garden maintenance, and tree carving (snags, nurse logs, stumps).

I have always had a love for both art/design and plants/nature. While in art school in many years ago I designed a rooftop garden for my school, Pacific Northwest College of Art located here in Portland, Oregon. This project was hypothetical and was never intended to be installed, but it spurred my interest in landscape design. Many years went by with me working random jobs and creating nature-inspired art for myself. When I found a landscape design program at PCC I knew the time had come for me to dive into this industry. Since then I have started my own business doing landscape designs, consultations, and garden maintenance. I am completely in love with my new chosen career. I am also very passionate about helping the Earth in any way possible so I have chosen to focus on Pacific Northwest native plants and sustainable landscaping practices.