Paintings and Drawings

My artwork is based on mythology and Eastern philosophies and comes from a place of wonder for the natural world.

Originals shown here are for sale unless otherwise noted. Please contact me for sales or more info.

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Materials used are oil paint, oil pastel, dry pastel and colored pencil. Substrates are reclaimed wood board, canvas or paper.

"After the Fall of Humans and the Rise of the Oceans"
4'x5'  $1,000

"Bast and Sekhmet Await Hathor's Return"

12"x16"  SOLD

"Artemis, always remember to light your arrow before shooting, lest you lose it in the dark."
5'x2'  $2,000

"Autumn Dryad"

18"x18"  $200

"Brigid's Reflector"

13"x13"  $200

"From the Low Place in the Earth, 10,000 Things are Born"
4.5'x3.5'  $3,000

"Primeval Moondance"

10"x2.5'  $300

"Go Ahead, Run With It. Bast Is Watching Over Us."
5'x3'  $2,000

"Freyah Takes Summer with Her, Searching"

3'x2'  NFS

"Flowing Circles"

3'x3'  $750

"When the River of Life takes one over the edge and into the deep, one must actively ride with the current back to the surface and into calmer waters."
3'x5'  $2,500

"Northern Lights Color Study"

2'4"x1'4"  $300